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Student wellbeing


Bentleigh West is committed to a whole-school approach to wellbeing where it is at the core of everything we do. The Assistant Principal leads the wellbeing team to ensure all student’s social and emotional development is supported, in order to develop student engagement and promote learning confidence.


We value positive staff, parent and student relationships and communication, which is enhanced by regular communication through Compass and Connections. We encourage parents to participate in the classroom through specific unit-based activities or by volunteering on excursions and whole school events.


We have several systems and programs which are run at the school in order to develop students' capacity in this space.

Bentleigh West primary students

Respectful relationships

The Respectful Relationships education program is taught weekly from P-6. The lessons teach content covering a range of themes based on social and emotional health and safety, that are age appropriate. The program’s purpose is to embed a culture of respect and equality across the entire school community.

School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPBS)


SWPBS assists schools to improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for children and young people.

Students and staff benefit from:

  • increased respectful and positive behaviour

  • increased time focused on instruction

  • improved social-emotional wellbeing

  • positive and respectful relationships among students and staff

  • increased adoption of evidence-based instructional practices

  • a predictable learning environment with improved perceptions of safety and increased attendance.


Zones of Regulation


Zones of Regulation is used school wide to consistently name emotions along with strategies to assist students to regulate their feeling for optimal learning.



Lunchtime Clubs


We run a range of lunchtime clubs which students can access. They includes social skills, board games, library, Lego, running, drawing and choir. This gives students some quiet, targeted options for lunchtimes if they need a break from the outside space.

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