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Grade 3

Phillip Island Adventure Camp

November 1st – November 3rd 2023


This camp facilitates a positive community experience for students and provides the opportunity for experiential learning to take place.


Grade 4

Arrabri Lodge Educational Camp

November 27 - November 29 2023


The focus is on relationship building and the development of interpersonal skills in the fun, relaxed environment of camp.

It includes many challenging adventure activities and relaxing leisure activities.

Grade 5

Anglesea Discovery Camp

August 28th – August 30th 2023


Anglesea Discovery Camp is a coastal adventure camp located by the Great Ocean Road. It involves a range of adventure and nature-based activities.


Grade 6

The Portsea Camp

December 4th – December 6th 2023


Activities may include nature walks, giant swing, flying fox and beach activities.

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