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Sport and PE have a high profile at Bentleigh West PS. Students enjoy their Physical Education sessions and opportunities to participate in intra and interschool sport.

‘Engaging in physical activity, games, sport and outdoor recreation contributes to a sense of community and social connectedness. These are vital components of improved wellbeing.’

Victorian Essential Learnings (2003)


At BWPS we believe that by encouraging students to actively participate in sport and physical education, we are supporting the development of:

  • a positive attitude towards life and positive self esteem

  • an attitude towards persistence

  • a caring mentality towards themselves and others

  • a sense of responsibility for their own health and well being by learning to make healthy choices

  • respectful attitudes towards other.


Our aim is to:

  • promote and develop lifelong attitudes towards participation in physical activity

  • encourage a wide range of opportunities for students to engage in sport and physical activity

  • maintain the enjoyment and attractiveness of sport for both student participants and their parents

  • develop skills that support greater access to sport and physical activity, which increases the potential of physical, social, emotional and mental health of students

  • foster an understanding of the qualities involved in being a cooperative member of a sporting team

  • encourage students to participate in organised sport to chase their dreams and goals.

‘One of the best ways to support children to enjoy physical activity everyday is to create environments that make healthy choices a regular part of every child’s day.’



Sport and PE at BWPS is inclusive and aimed at developing positive attitudes towards physical activity through learning skills, applying them in games and having fun.

  • Students from Prep to Six have one session of PE per week with the PE teacher.

  • Grade Six are involved in Interschool Sport every Friday morning. They also have a half an hour training session with their coach during the week.

  • Summer and Winter lightning premierships are held as events where Grade Six students can practise their interschool sport in an uncompetitive environment before the season begins.

  • Grade Three, Four and Five play Intraschool Sport for one hour each week.

  • Early each year, a Twilight Sports event is held, which is a popular social event with parents and students alike.

  • Grade Three and Four participate in a Bike Ed program, which involves a bike check and rotations on bike manipulation and road safety.

  • A House Swimming event is a fun filled day at a local pool.

  • A House Athletics day involving Grades Four-Six acts as a selection guide for the Bentleigh West team which competes at the Moorabbin District Athletics carnival.

  • Our students also take part in other Moorabbin District sporting events such as Cross Country and Swimming.

  • All students have an intensive swimming program.

  • Grade Five and Six complete a Beach Program, which focuses on beach knowledge and water safety.

  • Local sport experts often visit the school to take classes for sport clinics during PE sessions.

  • Prep – 3 participate in a Junior Athletics event, which allows students to apply their learnt skills in a fun environment.

  • Sport clubs are organised at lunchtimes and held by classroom teachers (Running club).



Bentleigh West primary students
Bentleigh West primary students
Bentleigh West primary students
Bentleigh West primary students
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