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Students have access to laptops and iPads within their classrooms. Digital cameras are available for use in each classroom and each Learning Space has access to an interactive whiteboard or plasma screen. These are mainly used by the teachers and some student leaders.

In addition to classroom access, Students attend a 45minute session of ICT each week in the computer lab. Here, students are taught how to be responsible digital citizens, practice touch typing, explore how to research using the internet and evaluate sources and basic computer skills. Critical literacy skills are important and older students spend time analysing information for accuracy and reliability. Basic Word, Excel and document management skills are also taught to students as they progress through the school.

There are some aspects of the ICT curriculum that blend into Media Arts, (where we investigate photography and creating Stop Motion) and Computer Science, (where we learn about Coding).


BWPS is an e-Smart school and we teach how important it is to manage screen time and promote tasks such as reading, socialising and play in spare time.

​ICT is used as a support for students with particular learning needs. Certain apps and programs can be very helpful. Our learning support team can give you more information about this.

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