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Humanities (Geography and History) is an integral part of the teaching and learning at Bentleigh West Primary School. We have put together an aspirational Knowledge Rich Curriculum that ensures the building of knowledge in a systematic, cumulative manner.


Throughout their time at BWPS, the students will engage in rich texts that provide an in depth look at key historical moments, government, ancient civilisations and many more. The Humanities topics are also taught through English classes to ensure the learning is consistent and thorough.


Developing background knowledge is crucial for reading comprehension and it also allows the students to engage in more critical thinking tasks. The more the students know, the more they will be able to learn!




Students at Bentleigh West Primary School engage with science through reading rich texts, observations and conducting experiments.


In each year level, students study a range of science topics, including biological, chemical, physical, Earth and space sciences.

The curriculum is sequenced to ensure students’ knowledge is built upon throughout their time at Bentleigh West Primary School. For example, students learn about pushes and pulls in Prep, and then, in the later years of primary school, learn about forces and energy transfer.

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