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Bentleigh West Primary School explicitly teaches Science one hour per week from Prep to Grade 6.


Students are exposed to basic concepts and skills and learn how to develop fair tests and experiments. This is a very popular subject and leads students to understand more complex issues linked to environmental science which the school also focuses on.


Science provides a wonderful platform for students to apply their literacy and numeracy skills and builds important background knowledge for the secondary school environment.


Environmental studies

 Our school has a very strong and long-standing commitment to the environment. As such, educating for sustainability is integrated into our science curriculum as the students move through the school. BWPS believes empowering our students with the confidence and ambition to know they can make a difference to our world is important to the work of the future generation.


We are a 5 star accredited school, and lead by example by having the latest technology and engineering on site. From environmentally friendly 'smart' buildings, solar panels on every learning house and a wind turbine, Bentleigh West and its students do all they can to reduce their global footprint.


We strongly encourage water saving by having 10 water tanks on site (potentially storing up to 500,000 litres), and spring loaded washers on all drinking taps. We've also installed Hydroshare software that notifies the Environment Monitors if there are any leaks at the school.



Watch our video about Global Water Cooperation, a joint initiative with schools in Balgo (WA), Bogor (Indonesia) and Dhaka (Bangladesh).

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