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At Bentleigh West Primary School students are engaged in a minimum of five hours of mathematics per week, where our focus is to enable automaticity in the basics so students are confident when working with more complex problems. We explicitly teach the concepts and skills needed for students to be proficient mathematicians. We believe that if students have sound knowledge of the fundamentals of mathematics, they will enjoy and appreciate the study of number and algebra, statistics and probability as well as measurement and geometry.


The four proficiencies of Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning are embedded through our lessons across P-6, and help to ensure that student learning and independence are at the centre of what is being taught. The aim is for students to develop sophisticated, refined mathematical thinking and have the ability to justify their strategies.


We use the general model of CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract) to guide the introduction of all mathematical processes alongside our instructional model of EDI. Problem-solving is utilised throughout all strands of the mathematics curriculum. Another integral part of our instruction is the Bar Model Method which strengthens the CPA approach by focusing on the ability to draw a problem systematically.

To supplement our review practice, we also use the New Waves Mental Maths books to revise topics daily.


Throughout the week, our daily lessons will incorporate each strand of Mathematics, gradually building up concepts and understandings. This spaced and interleaved approach, an integral part of our instructional model, is designed to avoid long breaks in the exposure to concepts as would be experienced when teaching in blocks. The gradual and prolonged exposure is designed to convert all key skills taught, into long-term memory and student mastery.


Our students experience high levels of success in mathematics and BWPS has been recognised for our High Growth and Achievement in NAPLAN.

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