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Virtual tour of Bentleigh West


Audio: Upbeat music

Video: Aerial and ground level vision of the buildings at Bentleigh West Primary School and the surrounding areas. Principal Steven Capp is seen standing in front of a fence and red brick building. Steven is wearing a grey suit.

Audio: Hi, I'm Steven Capp, Principal of Bentleigh West Primary.

Video: Steven Capp, Principal appears as text on screen.

Audio:  Welcome to our school. I'm really excited to show you some of our amazing facilities and programs that our students just love. Follow me and let's go and check it out.


Video: Overlay footage of young students in the classroom, working at tables and sitting on the floor listening to a teacher.

Audio: This is our Learning House. It is a wonderful resource for our preps as it is their home for their first year. It is where they learn about school life important initial academic learning like literacy and mathematics, which then acts as a platform for a successful journey at Bentleigh West Primary School.

Video: Footage of children playing ball games in a hall, working at computers in a classroom, writing at desks in a classroom, written work on a wall in Italian, in a music class and in an art room.

Audio: We offer a rich curriculum, which includes one session of physical education in addition to inter-school sports and competitions, a session of information communications technology including touch typing, and cyber safety skills. We do a session of Italian including language and cultural learning.

Students will explore Performing Arts which consists of music and drama. Students also undertake visual arts exploring 2d, 3d and media arts.

Video: Steven is walking through a native garden with stone boulders.

Audio: Part of our school's curriculum is studying Indigenous histories. This is our Indigenous garden, where students study plants, totems, and local ties to our traditional lands.

Video: Footage of the grounds including aerial vision of the oval, netball courts and a tree lined path.

Audio: Bentleigh West Primary School is very fortunate to have spacious playing areas. Students can participate in sport, climbing play tiggy, sit quietly or explore our gardens.

Video: Footage of the library with students reading, books on shelves and students sitting on the floor.

Audio: This is the library. Students borrow books regularly to support their learning and develop a lifelong love of books and reading.

Video: Footage of senior students in the classroom.

Audio: Bentleigh West Primary School prides itself on successful transition to a variety of secondary schools. Grade six students have a spacious learning area where they learn about leadership, more independent learning, including managing study skills and homework.

Video: Steven is standing in a green open space.

Audio: I hope you enjoyed our tour. If you'd like to know when our next information night is check out the website or give the office a call. I really hope to see you there.

Video: More footage of the grounds and aerial vision of the buildings and surrounds.

Video: Closing screen with school logo and text saying For more information, call 03 9557 1228.

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