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Welcome to Grade 3 at Bentleigh West

This is our page where you can visit to see what we are doing in the Grade 3 Learning House. We will be working very hard this year on English and Maths while incorporating our new PYP Program.



There will be lots of information on here so if you have any questions please come and see us before/after School, or you can email us directly.We are very excited to be working with your children this year!



Rachael, Melissa and Ethan


What we are learning


We are finishing our study of shapes and translations (flips and turns) and moving on to worded problems covering addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.


Our focus in literacy is persuasive texts, looking at their structure and the use of powerful language.

Our projects


Project ..

Key dates

Graduation Night meeting - Wednesday 14 October, 7pm at the Bentleigh RSL.


Transition Moving Up program:

13 October, 27 October and 10 November at 2pm.


Grade 6 Camp - 19 to 23 October at Coolamatong, Bairnsdale


Graduation Night - Wednesday 16 December


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Photo gallery

We've been on excursions, had visitors into the school, have cooked and have been to camp. Have a look at the latest photos here.


Useful links


Here are links to some of the sites that we use at school and that we encourage our grade 3 students to use at home.


Mathletics - students can work through exercises set for them on Mathletics. Contact your teacher if you don't know your log on details.


Behind The News - a news and current affairs program for upper primary school aged children.


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