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Welcome to Grade 6 at Bentleigh West

This is our page where you can learn more about what we're doing in the classroom, see some of our latest work and catch up on our activities through the photo gallery. Grade 6 is going to be a busy year, with a lot to cover in maths and literacy, as well as a full program of inquiry projects.


We hope you'll visit this page regularly during the year and keep in touch with what we're doing. We look forward to seeing you at school and are always happy to hear from parents. Our email addresses are on the contacts page or feel free to pop in and see us before or after school.


Miss Woods, Miss Parton and Mr Clay

Remember to complete your reading log, fill in your diary and complete Mathletics tasks each week.

What we are learning


Students are working in literacy circles, exploring chapter books together. As part of the circle, each student has a role, including Word Wizard, Researcher, Predictor and Summariser.


In writing, we are writing responses to our literacy circle novels, including character descriptions and summaries of main events.


We have spent some time on financial maths, learning about interest and how it relates to banking. This term we will learn about Cartesian planes, coordinates and algebra in maths.


Our rotations subjects cover, Economics, Geography and Health and we have also spent some time practicsing debating and learning about cyber safety.


Our projects


Project and inquiry work is important in Grade 6, and often links back to our core literacy and numeracy work. This page provides more information and examples of our recent projects.


In Term 1 our focus was on Government and the students developed their own political parties. Have a look at their logos and slogans - Grade 6 political parties.


In Term 2, our focus was Indigenous Australians, and we did an Aboriginal walk in the Botanic Gardens. You can see photos of what we did in our photo gallery.


Our focus in Term 3 was Natural Disasters and for our final term, we are learning about the impact of science and technology on our world.


Photo gallery

We've been on excursions, had visitors into the school, have cooked and played interschool sport. Have a look at the latest photos here.


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Key Dates

Graduation Night meeting - Wednesday 14 October, 7pm at the Bentleigh RSL.


Transition Moving Up program:

13 October, 27 October and 10 November at 2pm.


Grade 6 Camp - 19 to 23 October at Coolamatong, Bairnsdale


Graduation Night - Wednesday 16 December

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Useful links


Here are some links to some of the sites that we use at school and that we encourage our grade 6 students to use at home.


Mathletics - tasks are set for students each week. Contact your teacher if you don't know your log on details.


Behind The News - a news and current affairs program for upper primary school aged children.


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