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Cross Country

On Wednesday 21st April our students had school cross-country and we were so pleased with the participation and effort they displayed.


Many of our students have been training with the running club and conducting their own training to see if they could improve times and fitness.


Congratulations to those who qualified for the zone cross country and for those that set goals and achieved them. Regardless of results students enjoyed being out and active. Thanks Mr Walsh, our student leaders and teachers that helped organise the event.

ANZAC Ceremony

On Friday 23rd April, the Grade 6 students conducted a very moving ANZAC day tribute. The engagement of our younger students was very impressive, as we all reflected on the current and past service of our defence force and how lucky we are to have relative peace and freedom.


We are very proud of how our students conducted themselves and participated in the service.


I hosted the first school tour, since Covid restrictions have lifted, on Wednesday 28th April. The tour was extremely well attended and interest in enrolling in our school is very high. To help with planning purposes, can I ask that enrolment forms for 2022 Preps are completed and handed in to the office as soon as possible.


Our Grade 3 and Grade 5 students will be participating in NAPLAN next week. We take a low-key approach to NAPLAN, as the students are quite used to participating in quizzes and tests regularly and this is just another activity to show us what they know.


We understand the students are well taught and work hard in every lesson, so we don’t need to do too much preparation outside of exposing students to the unique conditions and question formats. We have prepared students for the unique format and just ask they do their very best.


As I say every year, NAPLAN data is most valid from a cohort perspective compared to an individual perspective. NAPLAN is a one-off test and using NAPLAN data to assess an individual, is akin to judging a sports person or a musician on just one big performance. Sure, high performing musicians or athletes or more likely to do well in the one-off performance, but it isn’t always the case due to a range of factors. Conversely, athletes and musicians can have an above average one-off performance. We are better to judge individual athletes or musicians over multiple performances. This is why we look to multiple assessments for individual judgement of students. NAPLAN is one more piece of assessment we put with multiple pieces to form as accurate picture as possible.


We know that one common assessment for all of our 3’s and 5’s gives us an overall view of average cohort learning compared to the rest of the 3’s and 5’s in Australia. This gives us valuable insight into what teaching is working well in the school and where we can focus improvement.


In my experience, if the adults in the community are relaxed about NAPLAN the students take these cues and are relaxed and confident to do their best.

Our students understand that NAPLAN is important, but not high stakes as far as they are concerned. On the whole they look forward to seeing what they can achieve, and we make the times around the testing as fun as possible.


Have a great week.

Steven Capp


School fees

A friendly reminder to please ensure your school fees are finalised by the end of June unless you have contacted us to organise a different payment schedule. If you have any queries re fees please contact Tanya Elliott at or call 9557 1228.

Scholastic book club

Everyone should have received Issue 3 of the Scholastic catalogue by now. Please have a browse and place your order online via Loop. All orders earn 20% of the amount back in credit from Scholastic for BWPS to order books for our classrooms and library.


Issue 3 ordering will close at 12 noon on Sunday 9th March. Following this, orders should then arrive at school and be distributed within approximately two to three weeks.


Please note, I am handing over Bookclub to the lovely Sara Gill! If you don’t already know Sara, she has Luke in grade 5 and Daisy in grade 3. Thanks for supporting Bookclub. Shelby Sheehan


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