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Principal's news

School Council

Last night we had our school council meeting to elect the formal positions on school council and I am pleased to announce Tania Galbraith is our new School Council President. Tania has been an active member of the P&F and we are delighted to have her skills and leadership on School Council.

Karen Campbell and Stuart Coulthard have been re-elected as Vice President and Treasurer respectively and we are very pleased to have continuity in these important roles to help the school keep moving forward.

David Morkunas will be minute taker. He was absolutely thrilled to win this position unopposed.

We also welcomed our new members Alex Loie, Bill Powell & Anita Pedrana and welcomed back Linda Andonopoulos, Stuart Banks, Karen Campbell & Stuart Coulthard.

I would like to thank our School Council for taking on these important roles and helping us lead the school into, what will be, our new Strategic Plan. I know it is increasingly difficult to find time and our BWPS parents do an amazing job to ensure the school is supported.
We farewelled Bianca Klettke and Michael McKinnon and we are greatly appreciative of their service and time. We have achieved a lot over the past few years and couldn’t do it without such support.

We also farewelled Kevin Geary who has been an amazing president and support for the school community. We have built a very cohesive culture at BWPS focused on creating the best possible learning environment for our kids and Kevin has certainly led the School Council in line with our vision.

Screen Time

Over the past few weeks, our discussions with students during our Respectful Relationship program have highlighted that we have many students with devices in their rooms at night when trying to sleep. This is not a good idea and against the advice of many experts in the field. Notifications, messages and the blue light from phones are interrupting sleep. Let alone any inappropriate online behaviour.

The hour some of the students are up sending and receiving messages is not ideal for young brains that need a rest and sleep to grow and consolidate learning that has occurred during the day.

We have found the main reason students keep their phone in their room is, rather ironically, to use the alarm to wake up in the morning.
The advice from the school is to buy an alarm clock for the students and keep the phones, iPads and computers out of the room.

Some students also like to listen to music or podcasts, again investing in a device that only plays music or podcasts is a better idea. Reading a book, writing or other passive non-screen activities are a much better way to prepare children for sleep and take the excuses for needing devices in rooms away.

We also get the added benefit of limiting the time students can message and ultimately upset each other. If the decision has been made to give primary age students devices, we need to keep them out of their rooms.

COVID – 19 Updates

Thank you for the support and feedback around the updates. I will continue to keep the school community informed whenever I get new information.

Have a great week.
Steven Capp



Working with children check


As part of our Child Safe at BWPS all parents who would like to participate in camps, excursions, incursions or swimming programs, where they are working with or helping students, must have an up to date Working with Children Check. You can complete an online Volunteer Working with Children Check application at


Upon receipt of your card please either bring it to the office or scan and email it to so we can add you to our register.