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This week's news

Principal's news

Principal's news

I hope everyone had a lovely break. It was fantastic to see all the students back full of energy and excitement for Term 2 which is a short but busy term.

There are lots of sporting events for Grade 6 coming up and excursions and incursions planned for other year groups. Friday 9th June is a Pupil Free Day for assessment and reporting prior to the King’s Birthday public holiday on Monday 12th June.

Prep Enrolments for 2024 are now open and are due by Friday 28th July. Please come and see Rachel Helyer if you have any questions or need to pick up an application form. They are also available on our website.

The transition to Secondary School pack has been sent to all Grade 6 families. This needs to be returned by Friday 12th May, even if you are planning to attend a non-government school in 2024. Please see Amy Follett or Meagan Brake in the office if you have any questions.
Over the break the new bike shed at the back gate, that the students requested, commenced construction, and
should be finished in the next 2 weeks.

Anzac Ceremony
We started Wednesday morning with a very important Anzac ceremony. Thank you to Ivy, Zara and Alex who led the ceremony.

BWPS Neurodiversity - Parent Support Group
If your child receives support from our Learning Enhancement team or you are a parent of a neurodiverse child at BWPS we invite you to join our parent support group 3 - 3:30pm on Monday 8th May in the Learning Enhancement room (next to the canteen). It is an opportunity to come along and meet the team as well as connect with other parents in a similar situation. We share knowledge and experiences and do our best to
answer your questions.

Future meeting dates and times at this stage are:-
Thursday 20th July 3pm
Thursday 19th October 9.15am

Everyday counts and going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education. Students learn new things at school every day and missing school puts them behind.

Classroom rolls are marked at 8.55am. After this time your child will be marked as absent or late. If they arrive after 9am they will need to sign in at the office. If your child is unwell, please keep them home until they are symptom free and log this on Compass.

If you require support from school please contact Rachael Burgin, our Acting Assistant Principal for assistance.

Have a lovely weekend.



Sarah Asome


School vegetable garden

The snails have had a feast on some of the seedlings we planted, however we have dealt with them in the holidays. I will get some
replacements (plants not snails!) and plan to have a session at lunchtime on Friday 5 May. I hope some of the parents can come.
Come straight to the garden around 1pm.You don’t need to sign in at the office.
Thanks - Jenny Latimer


WhatsApp guidelines

The BWPS WhatsApp groups are not monitored by BWPS staff or any committee. A volunteer class representative manages each WhatsApp group.

  • The purpose of the groups is to communicate social and fundraising events, class reminders and notifications of school communications.

  • Any concerns or feedback relating to the school should be directed to Sarah Asome or Rachael-Anne Burgin.

  • Respectful and appropriate language should be used at all times.

Guidelines for Class Reps - the unofficial ‘Rules of Engagement’
This document is to be used as a guide only to ensure that all Class Reps have an understanding of the expectations and boundaries of their role as Class Rep within the BWPS community.

At BWPS it is the belief that value is gained from using Class Representatives to enhance the partnership with class families and we very much appreciate you volunteering to take on this role.

Please do:

  • Encourage inclusiveness and community mindedness in all communications and interactions

  • Support the school by disseminating information about events such as P & F, year level and school functions

  • Be respectful of personal information and ensure that you always use blind copy when emailing eg. cc. your class teacher, and bcc. everyone else

  • Aim to organise 1 catch up per term for your class. You may wish to liaise with other class reps for your year level to organise a social event for the entire year group

  • Reach out to new families joining your class to welcome them / organise a coffee catchup/ play date with other class members

  • Always uphold the BWPS principles, inparticular those of Respect, Care and Positivity

  • View your role as a facilitator of information sharing ie. don’t feel you need to provide the answers, rather point people in the right direction

Please don't:

  • Feel that it is your responsibility to recommunicate school information to your class ie. the BWPS newsletter, year level ‘Connections’ and other notifications via Compass should still be used by families as their primary information source

  • Feel that you need to act on behalf of other families in your class regarding any issues or concerns they may be experiencing. Encourage instead open communication with class teachers, Rachael-Anne Burgin and Sarah Asome

  • Overuse WhatsApp/emails /text messages /FB notifications when co-ordinating activities. One or two reminders is usually sufficient

  • Request specific amounts of money from families. If organising a collection (eg. teacher gift) it is suggested that you ask families if they would like to make a ‘contribution towards a gift’ rather than name a dollar amount. This ensures that families don’t feel undue pressure to contribute over and above what they may consider appropriate

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