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Welcome to Grade 5 at Bentleigh West

Welcome to the Senior School. Grade 5 is an exciting and eventful year for the students.  


We start the year with the Beach Program, to extend their water saving and survival skills.  We meet our Prep buddies in the first fortnight and get together with them regularly to do activities together.  It is our first year for a weeklong camp in Term 3 to Anglesea, which is a great experience, full of activities and team building challenges.   Interschool sports starts this year where students either travel to or play host to other schools on Friday mornings, participating in a range of summer and winter sports.



Leonie, Jane and Hamish


What we are learning


We will be revising the structure of Narrative text  - Orientation, (beginning), Complication, (middle) and Resolution,(end).  We will also be conducting practice NAPLAN tests in reading, spelling and Grammar so that students are reminded of the procedures involved.

There are NAPLAN practice tests available online.


In Maths, we are continuing to investigate the written strategies for division. You can help at home by continuing to practice automatic recall of multiplication facts (times tables) and discussing how multiplication and division are related. We will also be going over the structure of the NAPLAN  Numeracy tests and revising shapes, measurement and different types of graphing.


In Inquiry, we will continue to investigate the concept of Space exploration and how it has allowed for a greater understanding of where we are in the solar system. Thank you very much to Simone and George for attending the planetarium and Imax excursion.



Our projects


Project ...



Photo gallery

We've been on excursions, had visitors into the school, have cooked and have been to camp. Have a look at the latest photos here.

Key dates

Graduation Night meeting - Wednesday 14 October, 7pm at the Bentleigh RSL.


Transition Moving Up program:

13 October, 27 October and 10 November at 2pm.


Grade 6 Camp - 19 to 23 October at Coolamatong, Bairnsdale


Graduation Night - Wednesday 16 December


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Useful links


Here are links to some of the sites that we use at school and that we encourage our grade 3 students to use at home.


Mathletics - students can work through exercises set for them on Mathletics. Contact your teacher if you don't know your log on details.


Behind The News - a news and current affairs program for upper primary school aged children.


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