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Welcome to Grade 4 at Bentleigh West

This is a page where you will find links to all the wonderful learning we are doing this year in English, Maths, Inquiry and Science. We have two blogs set up for Grades 4A/4C, and 4W/4H and we hope you visit it, as we update and comment on it often. We have been doing some fantastic work, including some amazing digital work, and we hope you like what see here. We are proud of our school and try our hardest to display our school values and PYP attitudes every day.


Joel, Brooke, Emmy and Cameron

What we are learning


At the start of the year, we looked at the structure of writing narratives and then we went on to learn about writing Information Reports. Various reading strategies and a number of spelling and grammar rules have also being topics covered in English.




In Maths we have revised place value and numbers up to ten thousands also we have studied at the processes of addition and subtraction.




We have looked at different types of time including digital, analogue and reading 24 hour time. Also in Maths we are examining the various attributes and properties of both two and three dimensional shapes.

Key dates

Graduation Night meeting - Wednesday 14 October, 7pm at the Bentleigh RSL.


Transition Moving Up program:

13 October, 27 October and 10 November at 2pm.


Grade 6 Camp - 19 to 23 October at Coolamatong, Bairnsdale


Graduation Night - Wednesday 16 December


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Our projects


In term 1 we studied the Australian indigenous way of life with an emphasis on what strategies aboriginals used for survival.  Aboriginal bush tucker, hunting methods, fire and shelter making were among the topics we explored. Some students built shelters in the wet lands and learnt to build fires.




We went to the Melbourne Museum to see the First People's exhibit.


Last term, we looked at European settlement of Australia, including the early exploration by the Dutch explorers and Captain Cook’s voyage up the east coast of Australia. A major focus was the First Fleet, convicts and the settlement of Sydney and Melbourne.




Our visit to the historic replica ship, the Enterprize supported our learning that exploration extends the boundaries of human experience and leads to new understandings.

Useful links


Grade 4A/4C blog


Grade 4W/4H blog


Mathletics - students can work through exercises set for them on Mathletics. Contact your teacher if you don't know your log on details.



Photo gallery

We've been on camp, excursions and have created some great work in the classroom. Visit our gallery to see more.


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