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Class Representatives

Every class has a parent representative who organises class and parent activities in 2017.


Please feel free to contact your child's Class Rep (listed on this page) if you have any questions or want to make any suggestions for community events.

We'll update this page with Class Rep events and news throughout the year.








Prep S - Sarah Angliss
Prep H - Linda Andonopoulos
Prep M - Modina Monaf and Emma Irving
Prep D - Sally Kerr
Grade 1E - Sara Gill
Grade 1E- Lisa Zerbe
Grade 1R - Kate Liptrot
Grade 1R - Jenny Collins
Grade 1A - Georgia Hansen and Yun Zhong

Grade 2P - Julie Whatley
Grade 2T - Maya Venturini
Grade 2W - Jenny Todd
Grade 2H - Alice Bennett
Grade 3B - Angela Wheeler
Grade 3B - Leanne Bertram
Grade 3M - Natalie Powell
Grade 3M - Narelle Wigney
Grade 3F - Sally Gillard
Grade 3F - Karen Campbell
Grade 3F - Noelia Panay
Grade 4O - Eva Krassaris
Grade 4O - Jenny Collins
Grade 4W - Fiona Wood
Grade 4H - Cathy Santilli
Grade 4M - Emma Rose
Grade 5W - Erica Duncan
Grade 5W - Karen Campbell
Grade 5M - Sharynne Charles and Amalia Prokupets
Grade 5D - Jo Phillips and Isabelle Peoples
Grade 6B - Fiona Curnow
Grade 6F - Melissa Shaw
Grade 6F - Justine Helmore
Grade 6G - Catherine Johnston
Grade 6Y - Natalie Powell

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